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MMS Accounting & Bookkeeping services have been serving startups and SMEs with all their accounting and tax reporting needs for over 30 years. Our priority is to help our clients to concentrate on running and growing their business while we take care of the tedious task of managing their books and compliance reporting.

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In 1991, MMS Accounting & Bookkeeping Services was established by Frank Sadik Azzawe. His mission is to provide customized accounting, bookkeeping, and tax consultation services to small and medium-sized businesses. By utilizing his background in international business, Frank has been helping many startups, existing businesses, and professionals with their business setup, accounting, and tax compliance. By taking care of the books, providing timely financial reports and advise, this allows his clients to focus on running and growing their business.

As MMS we are always using the latest technology and applications to improve our services. We keep track of the ever-changing tax and compliance regulations and look for ways to reduce client's tax obligations and improving their bottom line.

Tired of crunching numbers?

Let MMS Accounting & Bookkeeping handle all of your accounting needs.

Our mission is to act as an extension of your team by providing you with customized bookkeeping and accounting services. While also dealing with government agencies on your behalf so you can concentrate on building and growing your business. We adapt to ever-changing technology, government regulations, and the business environment. We utilize the latest accounting technology, including cloud accounting, so we can provide our clients with accurate and efficient record keeping while maintaining the integrity of your data, security and privacy of your information.

What we can do for you

A wide range of services to meet all of your accounting needs

Browse our services and find the accounting solution you've been searching for.

For Start-ups and Small Businesses, you can have the full services of a CFO without the high cost associated with it. We can assume the responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and running all the finance activities of your company - including business planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiations all while maintaining investor relations and partnership compliance.
For SMEs that do not require a full-time Financial Controller, we have the expertise to provide you with all the duties of one at a fraction of the cost. Services would include managing your accounting records, evaluating and managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulations, analyzing financial data, handling tax and auditing matters, preparing financial reports, and ensuring the financial stability of your business.
Running a small business by yourself can be overwhelming. By allowing us to manage your books, you can focus on what's truly important - your business. We'll reconcile your bank and income statements, generate balance sheets, and provide the financial guidance you need on your journey. So, come tax season, they will be on track and kept up to date.
From dealing with tax forms, calculating employees’ wages, and allocating direct deposits, payroll can be time-consuming. So why not allow us to handle the number-crunching for you! With our years of experience, we have been able to help businesses pay their employees accurately and on time. By overlooking the ROE process, WSIB, T4 and government reporting, you can comfortably focus on your business.
When your cash-in exceeds your cash out, you know that everything is going great. However, many small business owners have had to either get a loan or find other means to pay their employees, and this cycle can destroy a business. You can avoid the headache altogether and minimize the risk of losing your business by coming to MMS Accounting & Bookkeeping! We'll identify where your cash needs are and find the best sources to pull your cash from, all while building a successful relationship with banks and credit unions should an emergency arise.
It's not always easy keeping up with the constant changing of Tax programs and regulations. Here at MMS Accounting & Bookkeeping, we can help find the opportunities that you need to reduce your tax liabilities. Whether you are an individual, self-employed professional, or have a privately held corporation, we can work with you throughout the year to ensure you benefit from all tax credits and maintain tax compliance. Should you face an audit, we can provide professional representation and act as a spokesman on your behalf when dealing with the CRA.
It’s great to start your own business, but what kind of business structure will work best for you? Each type of business structure has its pros and cons, what could work for you now, may not be suitable for you down the road. We have helped many Startups and Entrepreneurs choose the right set up after carefully accessing their current and future business plans. From the paperwork to filing with all government agencies, we ensure the optimal structure for your business.
By combining your vision with our accounting expertise and strategic planning, we can establish a clear business strategy that aligns with your mission and long-term financial goals and put in place the necessary action to get you there.
pricing just for you

Fixed Monthly Pricing For Your Business

We offer monthly pricing plans based on the size and type of your business with no additional charges for annual tax returns and NTR-financial statements!

On Your Own

Per Month
1-Person Operation
2 Credit/Bank Accounts
25 Transactions


Per Month
2 Employees
2 Credit/Bank Accounts
75 Transactions

Sky's The Limit

Per Month
5+ employees
4+ credit/bank accounts
500+ transactions

Scaling Fast

Per Month
Up to 5 Employees
4 Credit/Bank Accounts
250 Transactions

Buy Pregabalin usa - Order Lyrica from canada

Monthly bookkeeping
Payroll – payroll run, remittance, WSIB, ROE, T4
Financial reports – on demand, quarterly, year-end
GST/HST return filing
Cloud bookkeeping subscription
Receipt capturing mobile App and Client Portal
CRA correspondent and audit support
Bank and credit card account reconciliation
Business consultation
Corporate tax planning
Budgeting & forecasting
Year-end financial statements
Corporate tax return preparation and filing
Cash flow analysis
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We want to hear from you! Whether you want to hire us to handle all of your accounting needs or have questions/concerns about your business.

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