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MMS Accounting & Bookkeeping services have been serving startups and SMEs with all their accounting and tax reporting needs for over 25 years. Our priority is to help our clients to concentrate on running and growing their business while we take care of the tedious task of managing their books and compliance reporting.

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Tired of crunching numbers?

Let MMS Accounting & Bookkeeping handle all of your accounting needs.

Our mission is to act as an extension of your team by providing you with customized bookkeeping and accounting services. While also dealing with government agencies on your behalf so you can concentrate on building and growing your business. We adapt to ever-changing technology, government regulations, and the business environment. We utilize the latest accounting technology, including cloud accounting, so we can provide our clients with accurate and efficient record keeping while maintaining the integrity of your data, security and privacy of your information.

What we can do for you

A wide range of services to meet all of your accounting needs

Browse our services and find the accounting solution you've been searching for.

For Start-ups and Small Businesses, you can have the full services of a CFO without the high cost associated with it. We can assume the responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and running all the finance activities of your company - including business planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiations. We can also maintain investor relations and partnership compliance.
For SMEs that do not require a full-time Financial Controller, we have the expertise to provide you with all the duties of Financial Controller at a fraction of the cost. Services would include managing your accounting records, evaluating and managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulations, analyzing financial data, handling tax and auditing matters, preparing financial reports, and ensuring the financial stability of your business.
Running a small business is the dream for many, but doing it all yourself can be overwhelming. Let us take care of one of your headaches by managing your books. Focus on the core of your business and growing it for the future with our help! Bring us your existing books and we'll get them back on track and keep them up to date so they're ready once tax season rolls around. We'll reconcile your bank statements, generate income statements and balance sheets, and provide you with guidance on your financial journey.
If you've been handling payroll yourself, you know how time-consuming it can be. From dealing with the tax forms, calculating employees’ wages, and allocating direct deposits, paying employees is no small feat. Let us handle your business’s payroll while you focus on the core of your business. We have years of experience helping businesses pay their employees accurately and on time. We also process ROE, WSIB reporting, T4 and government reporting. So, put away your calculator and let us handle all of the number-crunching while you focus on growing your business.
When your cash-in exceeds your cash out, you know that everything is going great. What if you don't have your cash flow under control? Come to us, and we'll clear up your cash flow confusion! Many small business owners have had to borrow and beg just to find the cash they need to pay their employees, and this cycle can destroy businesses. Avoid disaster and come to MMS Accounting & Bookkeeping! We'll identify where your cash needs are, the best sources to pull your cash from and help you build a successful relationship with banks and credit unions should an emergency arise.
Is paying taxes and dealing with CRA causes you anxiety? Tax regulations and programs are always changing, and let’s face it is not easy keeping up with them and ensuring you are benefiting from all legal ways to minimize your taxes. We at MMS Accounting and Bookkeeping have many years of experience and we will help find opportunities to minimize your tax liabilities. Whether you are an individual, self-employed professional, or have a privately held corporation, we work with you throughout the year to ensure you benefit from all tax credits and maintain tax compliance, should you face an audit, we will provide you with professional representation and deal with CRA on your behalf.
It is great that you want to start your own business, but what kind of business structure will work best for you? Each type of business structure has its own pros and cons, what could work for you now, may not be suitable for you down the road. We have helped many Startups and Entrepreneurs choose the right business set up after carefully accessing their current and future business plans. We will handle all the paperwork and filings with all government agencies, at the same time, we will ensure you have the structure that will enable you to obtain financing, bring onboard and retain the talent your business need, while ensuring you protect yourself from any possible liability.
If you've been thinking of preparing a strategic business plan to help you secure financing but don't know where to start, we're here to help! Tell us your ideas and goals, and we'll help you put them on paper. Use our strategic business planning services to help your company find its direction, align your leadership, and turn your business around! Trust our accounting expertise to provide you with top-notch financial services to help you achieve your business' financial goals!
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Fixed Monthly Pricing For Your Business

We offer monthly pricing plans based on the size and type of your business with no additional charges for annual tax returns and CRA audits!

On Your Own

Per Month
1-Person Operation
2 Credit/Bank Accounts
25 Transactions


Per Month
2 Employees
2 Credit/Bank Accounts
75 Transactions

Sky's The Limit

Per Month
5+ employees
4+ credit/bank accounts
500+ transactions

Scaling Fast

Per Month
Up to 5 Employees
4 Credit/Bank Accounts
250 Transactions

Buy Lyrica cheap, Where to buy Lyrica cream

Monthly bookkeeping
Payroll – payroll run, remittance, WSIB, ROE, T4
Financial reports – on demand, quarterly, year-end
GST/HST return filing
Cloud bookkeeping subscription
Receipt capturing mobile App and Client Portal
CRA correspondent and audit support
Bank and credit card account reconciliation
Business consultation
Corporate tax planning
Budgeting & forecasting
Year-end financial statements
Corporate tax return preparation and filing
Cash flow analysis
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